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Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

The party finally happened! I was prepping for months and it was lovely. C and the guests had a good time. No food ran out and there was little extra (except soda, dear lord, so much!). Everything looked as good as it could and C loved looking at the pictures of herself around the house … a lot. Are all babies this level of narcissist?

So, here are the pictures …

Animals in party hats (yes, animals with a capital A).

CP - Party Animals

The decorations, including the animals in hats and my normal Christmas stuff. One of the main decorations was photographs of my daughter through the last year: First Holidays, How She Grows, Many a First, Funny Baby, and Glamor Shots. I haven’t been able to take them down. She loves them and so do her father and I 🙂 For the wreath, my inspirations et al are here. The arrangement used inspirations from near everywhere and I actually did not use a base model. Very odd for me

 PC - Decorations

More decorations and the party! My two main “Pinterest-y” things: a hot chocolate bar and “mushrooms” made of half a cherry tomato and a bit of mozzarella. Both were huge hits. Yay Pinterest! The banner was inspired by a class I taught at Michaels back in October. It was a free class and I helped a woman adjust it to her needs, so it was even easier to adjust to mine.

CP - The Party

While not really crafty, how can I not the first cupcake pictures? I guess it was a little crafty, since I found the chocolate buttercream frosting recipe on Pinterest. She loves chocolate, hence licking of the tray (she hadn’t done that before).

CP - Cupcake

It was a lovely party, I’m happy it went well, and I do not want to do that for at least another year.

Here is a list of supplies and where I bought/found them:

Animals in Party Hats: Beanie Boos/Babies from Michaels and Diddams; ornament/pinecone/rough animals from Cost Plus-World Market; felt and pompoms for the hats from Michaels. Photo titles: stickers from Michaels, paper from Stampin’ Up. Large 1 arrangement supplies from Michaels (old vase covered in ribbon, Christmas stems, wood 1 painted in Martha Stewart Acrylic True Gold, floral foam). Banner: paper from Stampin’ Up, stickers and jute from Michaels. Felt crown: felt and pearls from Michaels, headband from my collection of unused headbands.

Birds in hats from Target. Pictures ordered from Shutterfly. Hot chocolate bar: all from Cost Plus-World Market.


1st Birthday Party: A Preview

My daughter turned one this week. Bigger deal for me than her, but we all know that about first birthdays. I’ve been planning and prepping for her party for months and the big day is tomorrow! I am not one to go professional or Martha Stewart, but I’ve enjoyed the crafting and arranging process. All the decorations are up, other than the banner, and just the food needs to be bought/prepared/arranged on table.

Here is a preview of the party decor with a theme of Woodland Animals:

Party Preview

Animals in party hats! Woohoo!

More to come.

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